PCA services: Support people with disabilities, including the young, elderly, and others with special health care needs that are living independently in the community.  Categories of service that PCA's and Homemakers are able to assist with include:

  Personal care                               

  Health-related functions

  Meal preparation

  Essential housekeeping

  Community integration

  Redirection and intervention for behavior & safety


  PCA services must be medically necessary, approved by a physician, in the recipient’s service plan, and have prior authorization from DHS or a pre-paid health plan in the form of a Service Agreement.  Additionally, PCA clients must be able to direct their own care, be knowledgeable about their health care needs, and be able to communicate their needs effectively.


   PCA Choice:


  PCA Choice program serves individuals of all ages throughout Minnesota, including: Hennepin, Dakota County and other Twin Cities Metro areas.  PCA clients who choose PCA Choice    do so because clients want the choice and flexibility of hiring, training, and giving some supervision of their PCA(s).  PCA Choice agency service components include:

  Fiscal Intermediary Services

  Processing of Billing & Payroll

  Employee Background Checks

Independent Living Skills (ILS) Services:Most Individuals already have many life skills, but if there are others you would like to have, Abilities Un Independent Living Skills can help you develop them. You work one-on-one with your Independent Living Skills coach to learn the additional daily living skills needed to be as independent as possible. First, you meet with a county case manager to complete an assessment that evaluates your needs and abilities. Then, your goals are built into your Individual Service Plan (ISP). Lastly, you will be matched with an Independent Living Skills coach who will help you achieve independence according to your lifestyle and needs. Personalized, one-to-one coaching will teach you the daily life skills needed to complement your existing skills. Your independent living skills service plan is designed to meet your unique needs and includes:

  • Activities appropriate to your individual lifestyle
  • Teaching methods catered to your individual learning styles
  • Opportunities to learn new skills and develop existing skills
  • Access to community-based resources and supports

Individualized services are tailored to meet your unique needs in areas such as:

  • Increased independence and empowerment
  • Social activities
  • Volunteer and work opportunities
  • Public transportation training
  • Financial education
  • Relationship development skills
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Personal safety training


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