Patient Care Is Our Top Priority !


    At Pride Home Care , our commitment to culturally sensitive care runs deep. We consider it an essential part of pursuing perfection. Cross-cultural care is not just about working with other cultures. It’s about recognizing the effect of cultural values, which we all have. You can expect to be treated with the warmth and compassion that is similar to what you get from your own family.  This is because we consider patients to be our own family.  Our dedication to your health and wellness drives us to help you achieve your desired quality of life at home.  From the beginning, our nurses, therapists and other health care professionals are trained to hold with them the standard of service excellence which is unique to our agency.  To us, the care service is considered to be of quality if it meets customer satisfaction – YOUR satisfaction.

Reasons Why We Care

  The opportunity to make life more manageable for clients of all ages. Most of us take our ability to manage activities of daily living for granted. But for those who have disabilities or injuries, and aging adults, daily tasks such as grooming, bathing, toileting, eating, and mobility may pose special challenges. A job in home health care affords you the opportunity to do meaningful work every day by helping clients manage their activities of daily living in the comfort of homes.Your needs are real. Our profession exists because of your needs. Pride Home Care is here for you.  We care because this is our calling. 

  Being able to help clients remain comfortable at home. When competent, reliable family care giving is unavailable, families must often face the unhappy prospect of institutionalizing loved ones who require support or complex medical care, or who are no longer able to care safely for themselves. Home health care providers change lives by helping their clients to remain safe and comfortable in their own homes and communities.

   A personally rewarding career. The majority of nurses and aides working in home health care report a deep sense of fulfillment and job satisfaction. While other jobs may offer some comparable benefits, not many offer home health’s potent combination of flexible schedules, career growth, and—most importantly—the opportunity to do meaningful work that changes lives, families, and communities.